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Talent Concept

  The continuous growth of UNI-ROYAL's business is inseparable from its excellent human resource management.  UNI-ROYAL adheres to the principle that talents are the driving force for the growth and development of the company.  UNI-ROYAL attaches importance to the introduction of talents, staffs trainings, and is committed to building an excellent working team.


      UR's vision is to be the superior in the resistor industry locally and a strong competitor in the international resistor market.  We sincerely welcome you to join UNI-ROYAL and be part of our growth.


Learning and development:

  Through the combination of internal training and external training, UNI-ROYAL Group helps new employees to master the knowledge and skills required at various stages of their careerS through the induction training, on-the-job training, skill training and management training.


      UNI-ROYAL Group provides employees with equal opportunities for learning and development, establishes employee learning and development model and provides them with a dual channel career development path of management and technology through a comprehensive evaluation system.


Management channel:

      Operator➡Level 2 deputy team leader➡Level 1 deputy team leader➡Reserve cardre➡Level 1 team leader➡Senior team leader


Technical channel:

      Trainee/reserve cardre➡Lever 2 mechanic➡Technician➡Senior technician➡Assistant engineer 


Salary and welfare:

      UNI-ROYAL Group provides employees with industry-leading salary and welfare to show its love and care for them in real earnest.


Join us:

  Recruitment website:

  Please log in above recruitment website and submit your resume; If your resume meets the requirements of the open position,our HR will contract you by phone in the shortest time. Please keep your phone unblocked.


      In the principle of applying right talents and giving full play to their talents, UNI-ROYAL Group cherishes each opportunity to contact you and thank you for giving us an opportunity to understand each other. We look forward to a face-to-face communication with you.


      Recruitment hotline: 0512-5763 7374


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